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FiftySongs is a year long songwriting immersion program designed to help participants write a song each week for 50 weeks!  

2024 is the beginning of FiftySong's 3rd year! Many participants have stuck around and are still writing songs and now we are taking them through the recording, releasing and marketing process!

At the end of 2024 more than 30 songs will be released
by FiftySongs Participants. 

Registration will be opening soon! 

Join the waitlist for Group 3 which will be starting March of 2024!











FiftySongs is thrilled to present RiverSongs Retreats!! Check out the video above and for more details

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Hi! I'm Annelise! I'm a Recording Artist, Certified Singing Success/Brett Manning Associate Voice Coach, Certified Loog Guitar Instructor & Professional Singer/Songwriter with a huge passion for helping others learn songwriting. In Jan of 2022 I created the first FiftySongs group where those passionate about music and songwriting could come together and help each other accomplish the goal of writing a song a week for a year. The experience has been beyond my expectations! Read their thoughts below . I lead my group by example and wrote a song every week so I know it can be done despite being a very busy mom, coach and volunteer. READ MY WHY HERE

If you want to become a songwriter or you are already seasoned songwriter who just need some

motivation and accountability (like myself) this group is for you! 



The group is for all levels of ability from complete beginner, with a desire to write songs, to those who have been writing for decades.  You do need to know how to operate a computer and a recording device (ie voice memos or a DAW ie, GarageBand, Protools, etx..) and upload song files to the FiftySongs platform. Using a DAW is NOT required. You can submit a simple vocal recording if you wish. 


You will be put in a group of no more than 20 people so it can become a space where you are comfortable sharing your songs. You will stay with this group the entire year.  Those wishing to join after the spots have been filled will be placed on a waiting list for the next group. If you leave the group at any point during the year you will not be allowed back in and will have to wait for another group to start.  


At the beginning of each month participants will be taught a songwriting class by me or one of my amazing guest instructors. The courses are tailored to the needs of the group. If you are a beginner or you don't sing or play an instrument, please do not feel intimidated. There are many ways to write a song. You do not have to sing well or play an instrument.



Each week participants will write a song, practicing what they have learned in the courses, and submit it to the group by a specific deadline. Each participant will listen to everyone's songs and give constructive feedback.


The group will have strict rules to encourage & motivate the goal of writing 50 songs in 2023! You have to turn in a song every week. You will also be required to participate by giving feedback to other members. The small group atmosphere will be an encouraging and nurturing space for growth. Feedback will be given based on songwriting techniques and shall not be based on personal beliefs surrounding a participants song topic. Political discussions are not allowed on the forum. Any heated or inflammatory comments will be removed and can be grounds for removal from the group. 


the big why

The first FiftySongs group started in January of 2022 as a result of me having the flu over Christmas. Not knowing whether I had Covid or not, I was quarantined in a room at my mom's house and finally had the time to bring to fruition an idea I had. I built the website, figured out the game plan and starting putting the word out and miraculously people joined. In the beginning the rules were really strict. Miss three submissions and you were kicked out forever. But then I got to know the participants and couldn't bear to give them the boot so I loosened up and became their biggest cheerleader.  I have a squishy heart!


Since the inception the participants have been writing and submitting their songs each week. They have had classes on various songwriting topics and the group has become very close knit, like a songwriting family. Many of them are staying on with me in 2023 to learn how to record and publish their music and they just don't want it to end! 


As their host, I never imagined the incredible things that have happened as a result of creating this group. Life long friendships have been forged, amazing music has been written, confidence has been cultivated, commitment has been challenged, imperfection has been celebrated, mental muscles have been worked and worked and worked, hidden talent has been exposed, deep feelings have been processed and most importantly every member has become someone new, they have BECOME SONGWRITERS, some even say they feel like themselves for the first time in their life. They have proven that they can stick to something challenging for a long time. They have made songwriting a lifestyle and that will stay with them their entire lives. The recipe for success is commitment & consistency. That's it!

Having a front row seat to all of this has been incredibly rewarding and I want to do it again and again! I wrote songs every week right along side group 1 so I can say without hesitation that it is doable. I am an extremely busy mom of 2 young children, voice coach, recording artist, volunteer, and wife. If I have time to write, so do you, if it is important to you. That doesn't mean every song is a hit but what matters is consistency. I am looking forward to releasing a new album from the songs I have written with FiftySongs! 



What's included?

Membership to FiftySongs Includes

  • Access to the FiftySongs Network where you will submit your songs

  • A monthly songwriting class via Zoom by industry professionals tailored to group needs (see course topics below)

  • Feedback from your peers and mentors

  • 1 free critique every month from an industry professional/guest instructor

  • Group critique sessions by Guest Instructors

  • Incentives and rewards for accomplishments

  • Access to optional add-on courses

  • Early access to exciting retreats and events

  • And more 

Tailored Course topics include:

  • Structures of songwriting

  • The difference between perfect, close and wide rhymes. 

  • Tools of the trade-DAW's, midi, sound samples, etc...

  • Charting your song

  • How to unlock your creativity/getting over writers block

  • Writing in various genres

  • How to find chord progressions

  • How to create a melody & harmonies

  • Co-writing

  • Critiques by guest instructors

  • Writing a good melody

  • Harmonies

  • What to do with your songs

Course Requirements

  • Commit to the group for an entire year!

  • Must be able to use a computer and navigate the internet, zoom and the FiftySongs web-based or phone app platform.

  • Must be able to capture your songs on a recording device and upload to the platform.

  • Attend the class or watch the replay the each month.

  • Write and submit a song every week to the group forum by a specific deadline.

  • Participate on the group forum giving encouraging feedback and helpful suggestions on other participants songs.

  • Believe that excuses are poor rewards and you will not use them throughout the year. 

Guest Instructors include:

  • Grammy Nominated Music Educators

  • Top Nashville #1 Hit Songwriters 

  • Recording Artists

  • Music producers

  • Nashville Session Musicians

  • and more!


Access to Optional Add on Courses (available for an extra fee)

  • Understanding your voice

  • Commercial Singing

  • Simplified guitar (requires the purchase of a Loog guitar if you're interested in this course)

  • Protools Artist - How to use a DAW

  • Extra Group Critique sessions

  • Extra 1 on 1 Critique sessions

*Classes will also be added according to participant needs.

Guest Instructors

Click their names to learn more

ANNELISE LeCHEMINANT in Concert 8-18-09 Provo UT (42)_edited.jpg

Founder, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Voice Coach


Nashville Session Bassist


Award winning & Grammy nominated music instructor 


Songwriting Coach and Publisher


Producer and Songwriter

Guest Instructors
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